Sound strategy is fundamental to business success.

Strategy is the formula by which the major marketing variables (advertising, positioning, product, promotion, pricing, distribution, etc.) are integrated, energized, and optimized. Not all businesses get it right straight away. Most businesses struggle with strategy and planning for various reasons. The development of an optimal strategy is a complex undertaking and typically involves a number of research steps and analyses. Our experienced team provides comprehensive assessments leveraging both primary and secondary research.

We have expertise in both primary and secondary based research.

When carrying out a systematic investigation, you can choose to be directly involved in the data collection process or to rely on already acquired information. While the former is described as primary research, the latter is known as secondary research.

Primary Research

Healthark leverages partnerships with companies such as Atheneum, Guidepoint, GLG, etc. apart from its own network to deliver primary research.

Secondary Research

Healthark has a strong desk research capability with experience in conducting assessments in multiple global markets.

Market research across multiple global markets

We have executed several strategies and market assessments covering several global markets. Apart from the US, Healthark has done multiple projects in the Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific regions.