African Infectious Disease Market Assessment

African countries have high infectious disease (ID) burden in comparison to other regions in the world. It is reported that half of all deaths in Africa are caused by infectious diseases, compared to only 2% in Europe. Rising prevalence of major infectious diseases coupled with high unmet patient needs presents large & growing opportunity for ID treatment market in this region. For instance, in Algeria, HIV prevalence is estimated to increase from 13K in 2016 to 23K by 2024. Majority of these countries have national strategic plan that played a significant role in the availability of infrastructure / human resources. Countries such as Algeria, Morocco, and Tunisia have national strategic plans for ID diseases like HIV & HCV.

We at Healthark Insights conducted in-depth market assessment of five African countries including Algeria, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, and Tunisia. Our approach was a mix of secondary and primary market research techniques to understand the ID market dynamics across each country. We conducted our research in three phases:

  • Secondary market assessment: Comprehensive desk research to study multiple parameters including disease epidemiology, market size & potential, unmet needs, diagnosis & treatment scenarios, market competition, and regulatory & reimbursement scenario, among others
  • Primary interviews: Conducted 10-15 interviews with healthcare / pharma stakeholders including physicians, pharmacists, drug distributors, and consultants. We validated our hypothesis as developed from secondary research to the on-ground findings
  • Synthesis of Insights: We developed key recommendations / implications across each country to support our client in building business models and strategies adaptable to in-country environment