Client Situation

  • Client is a U.S. based multi national pharma company looking for digital health solution market landscape in PsO and PsA
  • Client wanted to identify digital opportunities that can be leveraged to meet the brand and customer needs in next 1-3 years for one of its product
  • Client wanted to shortlist specific focus on opportunities with application in PsO, PsA primarily in U.S. followed by UK, Germany, Japan and France

Approach & Outcome

  • Divided the digital health landscape into segments and further sub-parts to structure and simplify the exercise
  • Captured ~100 examples/initiatives across broad areas as a part of digital health landscape assessment
  • Identified specific digital health opportunities and tied them up with the unmet needs of PsO / PsA
  • Developed insights and lessons based on digital health opportunities identified.
  • Developed high level roadmap and partnership opportunities