Client Situation

  • Client was head of Innovation at a major MNC. The team was currently heavily focused on core small molecule investments/ partnerships
  • The team wanted a quick assessment of landscape of disruptive care paradigms (non-core and non-pharma) and potential targets for future investments/ monitoring.
  • The team did not exposure to new care models and wanted an external perspective

Approach & Outcome

  • Healthark used its proprietary sensing platform to research start-ups in health care space for specific filter criteria
  • Categorized the innovations by technology/ area. The bottom up approach yielded trends of innovation which could disrupt traditional pharma.
  • Within each innovation trend, we evaluated companies to identify most attractive targets for investment/ partnering/ monitoring (based on addressable market, disruption potential, technology maturity, potential cost of investment, strategic fit, presence of other pharma etc.)
  • The findings were then presented to the entire corporate VC team to inform their future strategy