Pharma market sizing for Rheumatoid Arthritis in Brazil

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an inflammatory auto-immune disease characterized by peripheral and symmetric polyarthritis. According to a study, the average waiting time between the beginning of the symptoms and rheumatologic evaluation was on average 39 months in Brazil. There are few data on epidemiology and management of RA in Brazil, even with the recognition of high direct, indirect & societal cost associated with this disease.

We at Healthark Insights conducted in-depth market assessment to understand the overall pharma market opportunity size for RA in Brazil. Our approach was a mix of secondary and primary market research techniques to assess & analyse the RA market potential in Brazil. We conducted our research in three phases:

  • Secondary market assessment: Comprehensive desk research to understand the prevalence, incidence and factors driving the RA market in Brazil. We identified government interventions, diagnosis, treatment, & cure rates, and modelled each of the parameters from current year to next five years to arrive at the actual population on treatment. We identified the key drugs in the Brazilian market indicated for RA with their prices
  • Primary interviews: Conducted 10-15 interviews with healthcare / pharma stakeholders including pharmacists, drug distributors, physicians, and consultants. We validated our hypothesis as developed from secondary research to the on-ground findings
  • Synthesis of Insights: We estimated the overall RA market and size so as to support our client in devising best possible launch & marketing strategy in Brazil