Client Situation

  • Client was a leading pharma company, wanted to understand the overall pharma market size for hepatitis B and hepatitis C in in Algeria, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan and Tunisia
  • Client wanted to assess and analyse the market potential of hepatitis B and hepatitis C, in order to identify whether it is worth entering the market and what could be the best penetration strategy

Approach & Outcome

  • Conducted comprehensive research to understand the prevalence, incidence and factors driving the hep B and hep C cases in each of the markets
  • Mix of primary and secondary research to identify government interventions, diagnosis rates, treatment rates, cure rates and modelled each of the parameters from current year to next 5 years to arrive at the actual population on treatment
  • Identified the drugs in the market for hep B and hep C, their prices and estimated the market volume and market size for hep B and hep C individually for each of the markets under consideration