Client Situation

  • Client is setting up RWE study for a renounced Pharma MNC from setting study protocol, providing and shortlisting patient records to packaging results into insights.
  • Client need help in locating the valid patient records as per the study protocol in an efficient manner, validating the protocol adherence during the study by analysing data and to derive key insights from the RWE study results.

Approach & Outcome

  • Used efficient searching tool’s like Elastic search through Kibana and achieved high accuracy levels in terms of adhering to the given study guidelines.
  • The search results achieved >70% match / availability score against <1% matching patient records. Also, retrieval duration has been brought down by ~500%.
  • Created automated checklists for tracking adherence and QA steps for blinding protected patient details etc.
  • Reviewed data as per study guidelines – content quality, depth and structure/format. Also, analyzed the study data at each level to derive key insights and packaged results into insightful format.