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Sport and Wellness– We at Healthark are keen on nurturing the Sport and wellness activities within our organization to promote good health. It not only enhances team spirit but also develops a positive relationship among employees.

Festivals– We are a beautiful mosaic with different people, beliefs, yearnings, hopes, and dreams. Healthark celebrates almost every festival with zeal, giving us a space to bond and know each other better.

Learning and Development– At Healthark, we are committed to ensure that all our team members have access to learning, development, and training opportunities. This will enable them to be knowledgeable and skilled to carry out their role within the company and grow as a professional. We regularly conduct multiple training & development sessions for our team in different areas including market research techniques, sizing & forecasting, slide ideation & design, business communication, data analytics, and others.

Office Rendezvous – They say the “Families That Eat Together, Stay Together.” Similarly, Healthark family lunch breaks are made more interesting by sharing ideas and life lessons over the lunch table.


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