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Healthark insights was established in 2016, by a team of consultants from top-tier strategy firms, with a cumulative experience of 100+ years. Over the last few years, healthark has developed a team of experts from diverse fields such as consulting, pharma, medicine, medical devices, and digital health as well as public health and management with a common vision to cater to the healthcare and life sciences industry, along with a relentless focus on delivering executable solutions.

We help our customers make critical decisions every day through expertise that combines deep domain knowledge, rigorous research, and analysis, understanding of markets, technology, and experience. With our experience and expertise, we not only provide insights but also work closely with our clients to execute the strategy that we have helped develop.

Healthark Insights


Healthark is a boutique consulting firm founded with an aim of solving the most complex healthcare problems through deep domain expertise, scientific rigor, and diverse skills applied in the most suitable manner.


The core team consists of ex-consultants from Deloitte and ZS, pharma industry professionals, as well as people with diverse backgrounds doctors, engineers, MBAs, PhDs, biostatisticians, researchers, etc.


We have served multiple healthcare clients globally including Johnson & Johnson, Roche, Abbott, Pfizer, Gilead Sciences, Novartis, Boehringer Ingelheim, and Eli Lilly.


Our delivery model supports quick turnarounds with an agile approach and a cost-efficient model ensuring value for clients.


We support clients with end-to-end capabilities, starting with business problems, data to analysis, insights, and to prediction.

Key success factors guiding Healthark Insights engagement with clients

Key Features of our Engagement Model

  • Effective coverage (across time zones) as per business requirements.
  • Attrition levels with excellent employee engagement and a strong career progression model.
  • Efficient and dedicated program management for each customer account.

Engagement Model Options

Extended Team
Extended and dedicated offshore client teams developed in ODC format, with high engagement and efficient delivery.

Fixed Scope
Engagement with a fixed scope or team size delivered either on a fixed fee or time & materials basis.

Outcomes-based Model
Complete ownership of deliverables and outcomes, with a component of fees being contingent on success.

What is a ‘Rapid-Cycle Assessment'

  • Short-focused analysis for new assets under consideration.
  • Limited 2-4 week turnaround, as opportunity window, may be short.
  • Could be a standard playbook or non-standard analysis, or just a carve-out.
  • Assessments are performed on a regular basis.
  • Timely and actionable evidence.

Asset Evaluation Services

Experienced teams with diverse backgrounds, with deep capabilities in performing market/ product assessments.


Rapid & Flexible Deployment

Team deployment based on demand, with staffing based on the scope of analysis; simplified contracting for ease of use.


Quick Turnaround

Committed to fast turnaround with typical efforts ranging from 2-4 weeks; with improving efficiencies over time.

Overnite by Healthark

Overnite, a proprietary PPT generator of Healthark Insights, is based on deep research algorithms powered by AI that creates a pre-formatted ppt and offers insights within 12-16 hours.

How Overnite works?


6:00 PM ET

Communicate research request to a dedicated overnight account manager (OAM) before the close of business US time, quick call if necessary.


8:00 PM ET

OAM will fire up the AI research engine, finalize the PPT output template and assign a Research Analyst (RA).


11:00 PM ET

The AI engine will generate the first set of results and feed them into the PPT generator-first draft research report is ready.


6:00 AM ET

RA will validate the report, check for data inconsistencies, and generate key insights: The report is now ready to be reviewed.


8:00 AM ET

The client, OAM, and RA will get onto a quick call to review the report, RA will make any edits or changes and finalize the report by 12 noon ET.

Benefits of Overnite



Helps to manage time efficiently and outsource research activities to Healthark.



Algorithms ensure comprehensive research. No more ‘What else is Out-there’ worries.



No retainers or minimum work guarantees-pay for what you use.



Following the sun model, we use the US-India time cycles to work while you sleep.

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