Healthark prides itself in not only generating and building repositories of quality content but also extending them to its audience and the industry at large. On this page, we share our wealth of knowledge in the form of interesting videos covering a wide range of topics – from consulting as an art to healthcare as a science, and everything in between !

Future of Health

A video series tracking the innovations driving the future of health.

Consulting As A Career

A big welcome to this video series – Management Consulting as a Career.

Latest Trends in Healthcare

Informative videos on the latest trends like AI, Digital Health, AR, VR, etc. in healthcare & life science.

Keynote Address

These are videos from keynote addresses delivered by Dr. Purav Gandhi, Founder, Healthark Insights.


In this series of webinars, Zoheb Khan (Director, Healthark Insights) talks about what is management consulting and more...