These are videos from keynote addresses delivered by Dr. Purav Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Healthark Insights, at different management institutes. He talks about Digital Health, Artificial intelligence and many such futuristic trends shaping up in healthcare.

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01. AI in Healthcare: Keynote at Goa Institute of Management (GIM) 

AI is the buzzword recently when it comes to solving any messy problem in healthcare & life sciences. There is broad consensus that AI is the future, when it comes to healthcare or any other domains … and hence it is imperative for every management professional to understand basics of how AI operates, what it can and cannot do, and how to leverage it best.

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02. Future of Digital Health: Keynote at National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research

What is “Digital Health”? It is the buzz word these days when it comes to healthcare. In this talk, Dr. Purav Gandhi talks about the emergence of Digital Health from what was erstwhile Health IT, current state of Digital Health in India and future opportunities.

The talk was originally delivered for students of NIPER Mohali on 14th May 2021.