Modelling and Forecasting data brings together a coherent and accessible set of chapters on recent research results on this topic.

Our modelling and forecasting capabilities across sales and marketing functions help deliver results faster at a competitive price

Sales & Business Analytics

  • Brand performance analytics
  • Sales force effectiveness
  • Incentive compensation analysis
  • Sales force optimisation
  • Customer segmentation and targeting

Multi Channel Marketing Analytics

  • ROI analysis and Marketing Mix analytics
  • Campaign analytics
  • Customer journey analysis and Attribution models
  • Portfolio / Channel prioritisation analytics
  • Impact analysis and Campaign design

Forecasting & Sizing

  • Inline & Pipeline forecasting
  • Product / portfolio due diligence exercise
  • Epidemiology based opportunity sizing
  • New business / market decision analytics

Market Research Analytics

  • PMR data analysis
  • Pricing research and analytics
  • Social media analytics and Digital metric tracking
  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • Survey analytics and insights delivery