KOL identification and KOL mapping are often integrally linked together.

KOL identification is about identifying anyone with the potential to impact your work – clinicians, authors, speakers, nurses, tweeters, or the medics building cutting-edge apps for their patients.

KOL mapping helps you to see the connections, collaborations, and networks that exist within that community of Experts, giving you a complete contextual picture of the Expert/KOL landscape.

Healthark has the capabilities to help you identify the right KOLs to maximize the impact.

  1. We first identify KOLs through our robust approach – based on various KOL activities – e.g. publications, congress presentations, clinical trials, guidelines, committees, editorial boards, etc.
  2. Profile the validated KOLs as per their roles, geography, abstracts of major publications, involvement in clinical trials, and create a comprehensive database.
  3. Rank KOLs based on our ranking system for mapping the KOL from highest to lowest within a defined geography.
  4. Our approach enables MNCs to identify, prioritize and validate KOLs, and hence refine overall strategy.