The industry faces multiple challenges, & organizations find it increasingly difficult to source, attract, & retain the talent they need

We have a deep understanding of how market dynamics have made the recruiting of top healthcare talent increasingly complex. Our talent acquisition consultants work closely with you to understand how new processes and technologies will impact your business before they are implemented

Top Challenges of Industry

Weak role branding
Identifying and screening on-demand talent
Attracting the right candidates
Delayed hiring process
Creation of an efficient recruitment process
Delayed joining time
High reskilling and upskilling requirements

Our solution focuses on “four” key areas that enables implementation of effective talent acquisition strategies



We help identify the right sourcing channels for recruitment, including campuses, job portals (such as Naukri and Indeed), agency outreach, lateral hiring, social media, etc.


Proprietary Gen AI based Recruitment Process

We leverage our proprietary Gen AI-based tool for streamlined recruitment-this involves identifying the right skills required, right qualifications, & calibrating the roles' requirements to target the right talent


Talent Engagement Model

We map personalized career paths for employees, emphasize on targeted reskilling and upskilling initiatives to align individual’s growth with organizational goals and foster learning


Healthark Academy

We plug in the right courses, provide bootcamp and other immersive training, technology based training, total functional training to upskill and provide personalized module based on qualification

We provide an array of skill sets & staffing roles across our offerings



Staffing Roles

  • Strategic Consultant
  • Business Analyst
  • Market Research Specialist
  • Medical Writing
  • THerapeutic Area Specialist
  • Due Diligence Specialist


Analytics & AI ML

Staffing Roles

  • Business Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analytics
  • Biostatistician
  • Data Engineer
  • AI / ML Engineer



Staffing Roles

  • Product Manager
  • Product Engineer
  • Program Management Office
  • Functional Analyst
  • UI / UX Engineer / Designer
  • Technical Writing


Real World

Staffing Roles

  • Data Analyst
  • Health Economics Specialist
  • Protocol Writing
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Pharmacovigilance Specialist
  • Clinical Research Cordinator

Elevate talent acquisition within your organization into a strategic, business-impacting function with the help of our talent acquisition consulting team

Our GenAI tool for talent screening improves efficiency & efficacy across the entire screening process

JD Authoring / Refinement

  • Creates detailed Job Descriptions given a high-level explanation of the job role
  • Suggests refinements to an existing Job Description to make it more comprehensive

Archetype Authoring

  • Authors archetypical profiles/resumes to enable recruiters identify the best possible candidates
  • Enables ML based vector searches using profile archetypes for best fit

JD Authoring / Refinement Screening

  • Scores resumes based on matching expected attributes (e.g. education, experience, skills, etc.) as well as a slew of subjective criteria as defined by the recruiter (e.g. depth of project experience, domain focus, etc.)

Personalized Evaluations

  • Creates screening questionnaires, model answers and scoring rubrics based on the Job Description
  • Creates personalized questionnaires based on the candidates’ profile for comprehensive screening

Use cases

Campus Recruitment

Evaluating multiple skills at once

Reduces the risk of making poor hiring decisions

AI-powered, unhackable, advanced proctoring with tab switching, eye tracking, and active object detection

Niche Technical Recuritment

Single platform to evaluate 200+ technical languages and behavioral skills

Customizable skill and role-specific questions

Screening via AI- powered org context adaptation

Large Volume Hiring

AI resume ranker to assess over 10k CVs in minutes

Candidate skill- and potential-based performance ranking

In-depth recruitment analytics and feedback reports

Employee Skill Evaluations

Cultural fit and behavioral evaluation of employees

Skill and knowledge evaluation: Identifying training needs through quick tests

Promotion and advancement potential assessments