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Real-world evidence comes into play when clinical trials cannot really account for the entire patient population of a particular disease.

Our unique approach to handle multiple sources, structured & unstructured data, inconsistency, variability & complexity within an ever-changing regulatory environment.

We go through each process in depth, so as to facilitate high-quality real-world data analysis.

Data Due Diligence

  • Healthcare data is unique and difficult to measure.
  • It resides at multiple places in multiple formats.
  • Making it essential to conduct rigorous data due diligence.
  • As it will also lay the groundwork for a successful real-world data analytics exercise.

Data Abstraction

  • Clinical data abstraction involves extracting & mining critical clinical information & its components from paper media to electronic media.
  • We use manual, NLP & simple query-based abstraction tools with required quality assurance & data validation to generate abstracted data.

Data Curation

  • Involves refining and enriching the data by identifying & correcting incomplete and incorrect data, as well as harmonizing, validating, and standardizing it.
  • The purpose is to maintain, preserve & add value to the abstracted data throughout the lifecycle of data.

Data Analysis

  • Analyzing the data comprehensively is of immense value as data is now the value generator for most healthcare companies.
  • Our analyzed data is visualized in the form of Qlik view, Tableau, Excel, SPSS, etc.

Data Modelling

  • Transforming raw clinical data into high-value clinical data models helps our clients to access data in a fashion that is easily understandable, meaningful & useable.
  • Electronic capture data model
  • Review data model
  • Submission data model
  • Analytics data model

Optimizing real world data use to drive effective outcomes

We understand the significance of RWE in demonstrating the clinical and economic value of pharmaceuticals and medical technologies to key stakeholders across the product lifecycle. Our approach involves conducting thorough gap analyses and identifying the most suitable data sources to generate evidence to fill these gaps.

Healthark helps medical manufacturers and healthcare professionals make data-informed decisions by helping to identify, clean, extract, and translate real-world data into real-world evidence. Our unique approach to handle multiple sources, structured and unstructured data, inconsistency, variability, and complexity within an ever-changing regulatory environment. 

Our RWE services and RWE studies include


  • Market Landscape Assessment
  • Competitive & Disease Intelligence
  • Use Cases Identification
  • Go-to-market Materials such as pitch deck, brochures, client proposals

Our experts collaborate with healthcare organizations to develop customized RWE strategies.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, research institution, or healthcare provider, we tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Data & Analytics Services

  • Data Services
    • Due Diligence
    • Data Abstraction
    • Data Curation
    • Data Modeling
  • Data Analytics

We generate meaningful insights applying our expertise in SAS (statistical analysis software), programming (R, Python), and relevant statistical analysis.

Our analytics services cover a wide range of applications, including patient outcomes, treatment patterns, and healthcare utilization.

RWE Study

  • Systematic Literature Review
  • Data source and Site Selection
  • Developing research protocol
  • KOL’s for disease area expertise

We engage with the key stakeholders in an advisory model to design a validated approach for generating decision-grade evidence for a specific research objective.

From protocol development to implementation, our team guides you through every step, ensuring the integrity and validity of your study

Medical Writing & Publication

  • Scientific Writing - Publications, Synopsis, Report writing
  • Marketing & product related content
  • Patient Education
  • CME’s and meeting support
  • Product Dossier

Communicate your RWE findings effectively with our expert medical writing and publication support.

Our team comprises skilled medical writers who specialize in translating complex data into clear, compelling narratives.