Client Background

Leading CRO Enhancing Real-World Data Use
In Life Sciences

Our client, a prominent US-based CRO (Contract Research Organization), is known for unlocking the potential of real-world data (RWD) in life sciences.  They empower pharmaceutical companies with hard-to-reach free text notes and imaging data, through subscriptions and on-demand collaborations. Their mission is to revolutionize research by ensuring data-driven decision making becomes a reality for the life sciences industry.


Positioning The Drug Against Established Market Alternatives

A leading pharmaceutical company approached our client with a groundbreaking new Narcolepsy drug that could disrupt the market.  To ensure successful market entry, the company seeks to identify gaps in current Narcolepsy treatments and develop a strategic plan for effectively positioning the upcoming drug against established market alternatives.

Healthark’s role

Leveraged RWD To Design Robust Patient-Centered Studies

To assist the client in developing a strategy for an upcoming study involving a new Narcolepsy treatment, we leveraged real-world data (RWD) to understand patient populations and their treatment outcomes, enabling us to create a well-informed study design

  • RWD Feasibility Assessment: We conducted a feasibility assessment with multiple RWD sources like patient registries, health systems, and clinical trial sites to evaluate the data availability and quality at the different data sources for Narcolepsy patients.
  • KOL Identification & Interviews We identified Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) / providers specializing in treating sleep disorders and conducted interviews to gain insights into current treatment patterns and patient outcomes.
  • Research Question Formulation & Study Design Using insights from the RWD assessment and KOL interviews, we developed research questions and formulated study hypotheses to design future studies. We collaborated with healthcare systems and principal investigators, ensuring their participation through clear and concise study briefs that outlined the research objectives and methodology.

Empowering Tomorrow's Healthcare

This case study demonstrates the power of real-world data in shaping impactful research strategies. By leveraging diverse data sources and expert perspectives, we empower clients to make informed decisions for a healthier tomorrow.

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