Innovator Mapping Matrix


The client is an IT SaaS provider catering to mid and large size enterprises. The key offerings include cloud products related to compute, storage, database, and analytics helping customers in their data management journey. Client had announced its ambitious goals for growth and expansion. It identified innovation strategy to be a key part of its overall growth strategy.

Project Brief/ Ask

The client wanted to expand their business significantly through innovation across their business. The main ask from them was to create a comprehensive innovation strategy that aligned with their growth initiatives and future goals.

The specific requirements of the client were to help them understand the current cloud services market, the industry’s ongoing trends, benchmark them against their peers’ innovation portfolios, and identify the best practices of the top performers who are leading innovation in the cloud industry.

They provided us with:

Current business goals and objectives

Current innovation portfolio

Budget & timeline for innovation

List of peers/competitors

In addition to these specific details, they also provided us a general overview of their business, their industry, and their target market

Overall Solution

We delivered an Innovation strategy to the client that was specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It was also flexible enough to adapt to the volatile nature of the cloud market.

To achieve this we studied the client’s goals and objectives, assessed their current innovation portfolio and then shifted towards a detailed assessment of the cloud services market including market sizing, market share analysis, maturity assessment, identification and in-depth study of key players in the industry.

After analysing all the internal and external factors impacting client’s growth, we benchmarked their innovation portfolio against the leading peers identified in the analysis and also against the peers disclosed by client, with the help of our Innovator Mapping Matrix framework.

The results of this exercise helped us in developing a comprehensive innovation strategy with clear action items outlined to achieve the client’s desired goals.


The Innovator Mapping Matrix is a valuable tool that helped us in developing the innovation strategy. By identifying and classifying innovators, we were able to understand the innovation ecosystem of cloud industry.