Transforming Healthcare Data Management with Generative AI


Our client is a global Healthcare Data Science firm that specializes in the collection, analysis, and interpretation of health-related data. They aim to use data science and GenAI to improve healthcare outcomes, enhance patient care, and contribute to medical research.

Project brief:

The Client reached out to us for an initial assessment of the challenges faced in healthcare data management, and proposing innovative solutions focused on translation of forms, data extraction, and literature search. The project demonstrates the use of Generative AI, specifically the OpenAI LLM model, to address the challenges and provides insights into the capabilities of the model in translation of data, data extraction, and literature summarization:

  1. Translation of Forms: Discusses the difficulties in translating medical forms from various languages to English and how the model can handle this task, with plans for expanding language support.
  2. Data Extraction: Highlights the importance of extracting critical data, including non-language information, from adverse event forms for accurate diagnosis. The model’s capabilities in handling complex forms and dynamic formats are explained.
  3. Literature Search: Addresses the challenges of sifting through extensive medical literature to identify relevant information and presents the model’s capacity to generate summaries and answer predefined questions.

Our Approach (Healthark’s Role):

The project aimed to streamline healthcare data management by deploying Generative AI tools, with Healthark’s role revolving around implementing these solutions. Healthark’s implementation of generative AI tools, particularly the OpenAI ChatGPT (LLMs) model was gpt3.5-Turbo-16k. Our team helped the client outline the technical aspects, tools, libraries, and frameworks being utilized.

Additionally, we analyzed how ChatGPT (LLMs) can help the project achieve target KPIs and its role in transforming healthcare data management. The concept of prompt engineering was weaved into our approach, providing deeper insight into the model’s capabilities.

Project Outcomes

Healthark Insights team’s extensive analysis and implementation of the innovative AI solutions helped our client achieve remarkable results in healthcare data management areas:

  • Improved accuracy in translating healthcare forms from various languages to English
  • Enhanced efficiency in data extraction, ensuring that critical data is not missed during the diagnosis process
  • Streamlined literature search, reducing the time required to identify relevant information from research papers or case studies
  • Increased accessibility and usability of healthcare data, making it easier for healthcare professionals to work with standardized data
  • Potential cost savings or resource optimization due to the application of AI in data management
  • Improved decision-making and diagnosis accuracy in the healthcare field


The Client had reached out to us for utilizing our capabilities in data extraction of multilingual hierarchies from complex forms, dynamic format support, entity identification, and summarization. Thanks to our Proof of Concept (PoC) capabilities, which include OCR conversion, data extraction and organization, and literature search and review, this project successfully delivered on their goal of leveraging advanced data science techniques to enhance their healthcare data analysis and interpretation.

[Appendix] Tool Outputs

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