The “Play to Win” framework is a strategic approach that cascades from an organization’s overarching winning aspiration through the levels of where to compete, how to win, core capabilities, strategic choices, systems alignment, and action plans (ensuring coherent and focused strategy implementation at every level). By leveraging this framework, one can effectively formulate and execute strategies, sustain a competitive edge in the market

This framework emphasizes the importance of clear goals, strategic choices, and effective implementation. By applying this framework in a cascade design, organizations can break down the framework into smaller, interconnected parts that work together to achieve the overall strategic objectives of the organization


The approach starts by going through these steps one by one:

1.Winning Aspiration: Understand the current state and define winning by setting a clear long-term goal and measurable, achievable objectives that is actionable

2.Playing Area: Analyzing market position, market opportunities, market trends, customer segments and competitors and identify a playing area by using Analog Selection Framework

3.Competitive Advantage: Determine a unique value proposition and competitive advantage through product differentiation, pricing, distribution, customer experience, and brand positioning

4.Capabilities and Strategy: Assess and develop core capabilities and strategies to be undertaken to close any gaps necessary with SWOT analysis or Innovator Mapping Matrix

5.Support Systems: Establish a management systems with key performance indicators (KPI), KOL mapping and increase resources and database to reach the goal

Different studies or assessments where “Play To Win” framework can be used:

  • Competitive Analysis: This framework can help identify competitors, assess their strengths and weakness, , their playing areas and capabilities which can help gain a competitive advantage
  • Corporate Strategy/Business Unit Strategy: The framework can help build an overall strategy for the organization, or a unit of the organization. This helps in clarifying goals and objective and working on making them functional
  • Merger and Acquisition Activities: By evaluating the competitive landscape, this framework aids organizations to analyze the companies of interest, identifying possible partnerships, and developing approaches for collaborations through strategic decision making
  • Product development: This framework offers a structured approach which helps in understanding customer needs which helps in creating differentiated offerings. It provides an insight into market segments and growth areas which can help in creating distinct value propositions
  • Turnaround Strategy: This framework can also be used when a business is experiencing challenges or going through a turnaround. It helps in identifying the strategic choices, diagnosing the root causes of issues, and putting plans into action to revive the organization and enhance efficiency

We have also performed some projects that demonstrates our approach in action:

The client wanted a market expansion strategy. Their aim was to stay relevant in the market and assess the current market landscape. We performed due diligence using Play to Win framework, focusing on understanding competition, key success factors, and strategic execution.