Sales process transformation for Global healthcare company


Our client is a global healthcare company based out of Europe. They provide solutions to address the evolving needs of patients worldwide. The client businesses are divided into three operating divisions: Innovative Medicines, Generics and Eyecare. As of 2013, their Generics division has been recognized as the world’s second-largest generic drug company. The vision of their Generics division is to be the world’s leading and most valued generics company and provide reliable and flexible supply to enhance partnership with their customers.

Project brief

The program is a joint initiative between clients IT department and Generics business unit. It’s a global program with the aim to digitally transform the sales process by continuous development of software and deploying it across 63 countries, with the project being managed from the client’s European headquarters. The objective of the program is to create products that encompass the digital platform for CRM, Order Management, Channel Management, Sample Management and Salesforce Marketing Cloud based on business requirements from around the world. The client engaged us as an implementation partner to manage the Project Management activities for successful delivery of end-to-end solutions.

Our approach

The objective was to establish and execute the governance for the program, to represent how the product is built and deployed, and assist the product deployment around the world.

The approach followed was:

Discover -> Setup -> Execute & Review

Program Governance structure

The program was executed as per the standard governance framework – which is a set of protocols and weekly cadence created in order to provide a common forum for diverse technical teams to collaborate with the program team. This consisted of three layers: Executive Leadership, Program management and Program Delivery. The Program governance structure included various meetings at different levels to bridge the gaps and create a seamless escalation channel through these levels. To augment the governance structure, we designed artefacts including ways of working, roles and responsibilities, and TOR (Terms of Reference).

RAID Management

The aim of RAID (Risk, actions, issues and decisions) management was to create a structured and iterative process to:

  • Identify threats in a timely manner, and mitigate their potential impact on the delivery of the program
  • Identify and report open issues requiring management attention and support
  • Assign action items to the team members, track workflows, and ensure task completion within the due date

Change Request Management

The aim was to manage the change request process, track associated risks and inform all the stakeholders that are impacted by changes in the integrated plans. These changes can be related to scope, timelines, or budget. As the PMO team, we coordinate Change Request (CR) forms to ensure change requests are aligned, auditable and adhering to ‘change principles’. Running a forum to present CRs and getting approval of all the authorities. Once the change is approved, the PMO team maintains a record of the change and tracks them.

Access Management

Our team managed various Teams channels and folders to provide easy access to day-to-day working documents, templates, and other artifacts to members on the program. We also managed the program’s Sharepoint which contains key information, latest news and materials related to the program, in addition to facilitating members’ onboarding and access to the program tools.

Resource Management

Our aim was to efficiently manage the resources and support them in execution of day to day activities. Activities include tracking all the on-boarding/off-boarding requests and maintaining a staffing file with the details of the members on the program. We supported newly onboarded members with introduction to the program and provided the required accesses. We assisted the client in efficient planning of resources through activities like monthly resource audit and whereabouts tracking.


The outcome was the creation of an efficient governance structure and processes to support the members on-program. We helped the program to set up coordination and communication between various teams resulting in timely delivery of output. We bridged the gap between the program delivery team and program management team to make the planning process and execution smooth.

The achievement involves successful Go-Live of Order Management, Sample Management and Salesforce Marketing cloud in various countries like US, Austria, Belgium and Germany during our stint. After successfully supporting the program for 1 year, we handed over all the processes, activities and documentations to the client through detailed sessions and comprehensive guidance decks.