Location Evaluation Framework


The client is a diagnostic arm of India’s leading provider of education and healthcare services in India and internationally through its multiple subsidiaries. The company’s leadership is aspired to become a chain of dependable and quality radiology diagnostic services. 

Project brief

The client wanted to set up Diagnostic centers at various Medical Colleges and District Hospitals across the country. The main ask was to identify the various suitable spokes of their arm’s hubs, where they can set up the diagnostics centers.

The specific requirement of the client was to identify organic locations for standalone centers and towns that will serve as these standalone centers’ spokes, and hybrid in nature. The client wanted an in-depth analysis focusing on current market opportunity and future avenues growth to evaluate and finalize the most suitable locations.

Our approach

To identify the various spokes for the client’s standalone centers to establish hybrid centers and explore opportunities

Healthark’s Role

We proposed a mapping and expansion strategy using our Location Evaluation Framework:

1.Assigned ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 to each parameters for shortlisted locations (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest) and assigned weightage of each parameter to suite the client needs

2.Assessed the presence of Client’s diagnostic center serving as hub –  the presence were considered favorable, and similarly if a state shares boundary with a state having these facilities, then it was considered favorable (though less favorable as compared to the prior)

3.Identified the total number of diagnostic labs, over number of health facilities, GDP, population and literacy rate for all states and rated attractiveness of each state by creating logical ranges

4.Using these parameters, a weighted average of each state was identified that helped us to prioritize and propose spoke centers


  • Identified 25 spoke towns for hybrid centers, through an in-depth analysis focusing on current market opportunity and future avenues for growth
  • Proposed a layout for the hybrid center that will operate on the hub-and-spoke model offering full range of services