Assessment of patient access program across scope countries

Background and scope

Our client is a healthcare consulting firm based in Singapore. They cater to established multinationals and new companies operating in pharmaceuticals, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices space. The client develops strategies and plans to help enable patients  access their innovative solutions. Detailed patient support programs are developed which includes Commercial Planning, Value Access and Planning, Stakeholder Engagement/Health Policy Shaping, and Capability Development. In an endeavor to provide their customers with the best solutions, they stage a multi-dimensional approach and foster collaborative relationships by considering strategic considerations combined with technical expertise.

The client engaged Healthark Insights to study patient access program in market of India, Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and, Malaysia

Our approach

The objective was to create a list of scope country’s patient support programs along with respective organization, their therapeutic area, focus disease, brand, objective, channels, and output with financial support summary. Post which we had to filter the list, aligned with the client’s vision and future portfolio of interest. Lastly, we profiled and ranked the companies by their presence, and patient access programs based on different parameters to aid the decision-making process.

Scan the countries for pharma companies

Healthark collected the list of the pharma companies in respective scope countries through detailed secondary research from various sources: multinational companies active in the market, companies that are in emerging stage, research and news reports, press releases, etc. In terms of size, majority of the pharma companies were small to medium-sized players.

Scan the countries for patient access programs

We did an initial profiling exercise for all six countries. The public health and health coverage system was analyzed based on the patient’s accessibility to medicine, insurance programs, affordability, and many more. Listed all the programs considering different factors such as different therapeutic areas, the disease focused in that specific therapeutic area, brand, molecule, geography, private and public partnerships, objective, channel used and result, with financial support via different channels such as email, application etc. to analyze pharma companies and how market works in scope countries. The pharma companies were then ranked based on the number of programs taking in other factors as well.

Understanding the market to help the client make an informed decision

The market of respect scope country was analyzed and summarized based on respective pharmaceutical companies, programs, and government initiatives. In-depth research of scope countries and companies was presented to the client. Key strategies and financial segments were detailed out for each country to help the client have a better understanding and insights of objective and output in their decision-making process.

Project output

Based on our comprehensive findings and analysis, the portfolio was presented to the client. Recommendations were given to consider detailed market assessment for specific areas. The recommendations would guide the client’s overall wellness and investment strategy.