Patient Support Program (PSP) development for a top e-pharmacy

Background and scope

Our client, one of the top online pharmacies in India, wanted to develop Patient Support Programs and then wanted to collaborate with the pharma companies to provide patient care combined with drugs sold on their platform. They engaged Healthark to develop a Patient Support Program in areas of Diabetes, Sexual Wellness, HBV, Oncology, and various other therapeutic areas.

The client engaged Healthark Insights to develop Patient Support Programs to pitch pharma clients and collaborate with them to provide patient care combined with the drugs sold on their platform

Our approach

The objective was to create Patient Support Programs by understanding the patient needs and challenges they face throughout their disease journey. We combined our expertise of research and healthcare understanding to assess the end-to-end patient journey and mapped out the key needs that a patient requires and is not currently provided by anyone in the market.

Understanding patient journey and needs

We, with our extensive research skills, assessed end-to-end patient journey, key needs that a patient requires throughout their disease journey, challenges they face, and current Programs available in the market. Created a detailed patient disease journey and detailed each need with all the nuances to better understand the gaps.

Assessed gaps in the current patient support programs

We assessed Patient Support Programs and patient care services that were present in the market. We mapped them with the key needs and their services and listed down the gaps that can be addressed.

Designing of patient support program

With all the findings, we enlisted the needs that are key to the patients. We mapped the needs to the services that the client had the potential to provide. We designed the list of services and segregated them in the bucket of free to avail services and premium services. For premium services user needed to pay certain amount to avail it.

Process creation to combine drug and patient support program

To execute the plan, we created a process by which the Patient Support Program can be combined with the drugs sold on the client’s platform. We suggested different combinations by which the client can combine drugs and the Patient Support Program. We created a process on how a patient (buyer) can enroll in the program in simple steps.

Creation of wireframe

We designed the wireframe of the Patient Support Program using Balsamiq to give a visual of the program in the app form. The wireframe was to help the client understand how the app would look and an idea of how it can be enhanced when creating the working app. We created screens showing different features to give a feel of each service that will be there in the program.

Project output

The Patient Support Programs created by Healthark helped the client in their collaboration with the pharmaceuticals. The offering of the Patient Support Program, along with their drugs, enabled them to increase their sell of drugs and diagnostic services.