Developed SOPs and workflows to align on supply chain

Background and scope

Our client is a US-based Pharma Company and is one of the top COVID-19 Vaccine manufacturers, ranks among the fastest-growing Pharma companies across the globe. It has various CMOs which manufacture COVID-19 vaccine on their behalf across the US and Asia. They brought us in to align their end-to-end Supply Chain, which was facing difficulty in data tracking and data handling.

The client engaged Healthark Insights to align its Supply Chain and have a smooth and standard operation with all its CMOs across US and Asia.

Our approach

The objective was to understand its current supply chain process and assess gaps. Create a new aligned process for logistics, Supply and Demand management, and manufacturing. Develop SOPs to document the processes for standardization across departments.

Understand current work-flows

Healthark engaged with all the Stakeholders involved in the Supply Chain process by conducting workshops to understand their current workflows. We mapped key departments at each point to develop a complete understanding of the work-process flow. We identified key challenges that the group was facing to understand the gaps. The results were, several processes were not documented and were done with mutual understanding within the departments, which created a lack of accountability and alignment.

Developed Visio based on the workshops

Based on the workshops conducted with all the key stakeholders, we mapped all the processes and developed them in Visio. We identified key gaps and gave suggestions to improve their supply chain. The Visio created were reviewed with all the key stakeholders, and their feedbacks were implemented.

Process sign-off and freeze

The processes were sent for sign-off to all the key stakeholders involved and were frozen after their review.

Finalizing of SOP Format

To map the processes in the document, 3 SOP formats were created and presented to the client. The format was finalized in alignment with the client’s requirements.

Development of SOPs based on the Visio

Based on the finalized supply chain flows, the processes were interpreted and documented in the SOP format. The processes were mapped with respect to departments at each point for easy understanding of the end-user.

Review and sign-off of the SOPs

SOPs were shared for review, and sign-off was carried out by the respective stakeholders. 

Project output

Based on the SOPs created, the client was able to have an aligned process documented across its supply chain, which resulted in a smooth flow of the work processes. The client was able to track all its supply chain activities in an efficient manner.

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