Accelerating sales & business development activities for a digital CRO

Background and scope

Our client is an emerging digital CRO based in the US, with customers across the US & EU. The company provides data subscriptions and on-demand data collaborations to pharma clients to unlock the value in advanced real-world data such as imaging, genomics, and free-text notes. Some of their key RWE offerings include machine learning model development, biomarker development, clinical trial recruitment, and identification of undiagnosed patients. The company is seeking support to build, market, and expand its business.

The client engaged Healthark Insights as an extended team to support them in their pre-sales, sales, business development, and other marketing-related activities.

Our approach

The objective was to support the client in establishing its market presence by bringing in new customers and expanding its partner network.

Pre-sales support

Our team studied the scientific pipeline of the targeted client’s customers (biopharma, med-devices, CROs) to enable customized and nuanced conversations related to their data & research requirements. We identified the customer pain points, including patient & clinical trial-related challenges, and designed specific real-world data use cases that best suited their needs.

Sales support

We developed customized value proposition documents, research proposals, and project delivery plans for each of our client’s customers. Our team also developed follow-up documents for effective customer engagement throughout the sales process. We supported the client in driving pricing discussions, negotiations, contracting, legal, and risk reviews.

Marketing & BD support

Healthark developed multiple go-to-marketing materials such as offering or solution decks and eminence materials, including whitepapers, blogs, articles, and newsletters. We supported the client in organizing webinars, podcasts, and other activities to establish its eminence in the real-world data industry. We also extended our help in market research, lead generation, and outreaching related activities.

Research support

We supported the client in developing a research plan or approach, study protocol, and data dictionary. Our team conducted multiple initial feasibility analyses to evaluate the potential of the client’s partner data sources.

Project output

In a short span of one and half years, our team helped the client bring in new customers, including biopharma, medical device companies, CROs, health IT & consulting companies. We supported the client in establishing a pipeline of 20+ projects. We assisted them in expanding their network of data and health IT partners across the US and EU. Our team is continuing its support in the growth and expansion of this budding CRO start-up.

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