Benchmarking of key digital promotional Channels with other big pharma peers

Background and scope

Our client was a US based biopharmaceutical company, and has achieved breakthroughs in medicine for more than three decades. The client has developed several blockbuster innovative medicines across infectious diseases such as HIV, HCV, HBV, IFI; oncology; cell therapies and vaccines. The client was gearing up to launch a branded anti-viral medication during the COVID times. The Client wanted to understand which key digital promotional channels are its competitors using and then benchmark it against its current channels.

The client engaged Healthark Insights to conduct the competitor benchmarking exercise for key digital promotional channels

Our approach

The objective was to benchmark the client’s key digital promotional channels against its 5 competitors across Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. The end goal of the client was to realize its current position as compared to its peers and identify promotional channel prioritization in terms of feasibility / investment, impact on business and ultimately identify the top RoI channels

Detailed desktop research of competitor’s global website

Scanned competitor’s global website

    • Understood the look and feel of the website
    • Features present on the website
    • Presence / Absence of HCP portal on the website, contents of the HCP portal
    • Presence / Absence of Social media icons with presence / absence of navigation to the respective social media page
    • Presence / Absence of webinars, virtual congresses, etc
    • Presence / Absence of Product information (branded / unbranded)
    • Explored the presence / absence of navigation to competitor’s country specific website from the global website

Detailed analysis of the competitor’s local website

Conducted detailed analysis of each competitor’s local websites in Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. 

    • Language of the website
    • Look and feel of the website and whether it is in sync with the global website
    • Features present on the website
    • Presence of HCP portal – local / global (what all does the portal encompasses), atypical local HCP site features
    • Local / global social media presence on the local website, navigation to the original social media handle
    • Product information (branded / unbranded), what all information does it comprise
    • Presence of local webinars, virtual congress, apps and other tools

Digital Channel Scorecard by country to help the client make an informed decision

Healthark prepared a digital channel scorecard comparing the client and the 5 peer companies across Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. 

Green, Orange and Red color coding was done in each cell of a company and country depending on the number of digital channels / capabilities of that company was found in that particular country. >4 digital channels – green, 2-3 digital channels – orange, 0-1 digital channels – red.

Project output

Based on our comprehensive findings and analysis, we identified the peer companies which were very active in digital promotional channels and advised the client around the learnings that we can garner from them.