In this episode, Kristin Kostka, the Director of the OHDSI Center at the Roux Institute at Northeastern University discusses with us her journey of working on some of the cutting edge problems in the Real World Evidence space. Kristin talks about how she started with a research background, worked in consulting and collaborated closely with some of the leading pharma companies on the commercial side, and now is back to academia. Through a series of diverse and yet inter-related experiences she has been able to experience the best of both the worlds while innovating on research methodologies and data science.

She is now developing a unique, first of it’s kind curriculum for real world evidence and use of data for research in healthcare and life sciences industry. She shares her perspective on building a career within real world evidence research, taking diverse experience and connecting the dots. A must hear for students looking to develop a career in life sciences research, real world evidence and / or data science.

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