Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Digital health Ecosystem for patients

We at Healthark Insights, are deeply committed to tracking and researching about the advancements in healthcare industry. Artificial Intelligence as we know, has gone beyond just digital experiences. It is now redefining healthcare through technologies that aid in understanding and predicting medical and clinical concerns so as to create a patient focused health ecosystem.

This report on “Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Digital health Ecosystem for patients” authored by Dr. Purav Gandhi (Founder and CEO, Healthark Insights,) and Prapti Pandya (Manager-Healthark Insights) presents a thought-provoking perspective on how AI is set to influence the healthcare delivery in the coming times.  

Please share your thoughts on our take on the topic and reach out to know more about such groundbreaking developments in modern medicine and emerging technologies that shall shape the future of healthcare.

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