Digital Twins : The Game Changers in Healthcare Research

We at Healthark Insights, are deeply committed to tracking and researching about advancements in the healthcare industry. ‘Digital twin’ are set to be the perfect storm of technology encompassing the Internet of Things, Robotics, AI and automation. This transformative technology enables prediction, identification and timely mitigation of various threats and risks that can arise in the physical equivalent of the replicas. 

This report on ‘Digital Twins: The Game Changers in Healthcare Research’ authored by Dr. Purav Gandhi – Founder and CEO, Healthark Insights, and Prapti Pandya – Manager, Healthark Insights presents Digital Twins as a concept for life sciences, and its range of clinical and operational applications across life science companies, payers and providers.

Share your thoughts on the topic and stay tuned to know more about such groundbreaking developments in modern medicine and emerging technologies that will shape the future of healthcare.

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