Top 10 Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions in 2022

The dealmaking activity in the Healthcare and Lifesciences saw a significant roll-up in several segments including Pharma & Biotech, MedTech, Health Technology, Providers, Primary Care and Payer-Provider. The major hotspots have been Rare Disease and Oncology portfolio, Home Health and Hospice, Primary Care and Value-based Care. The overall deal structure in 2022 showed a decrease in the number of deals but slight increase in the total deal value as compared to 2021. Towards the end of the fourth quarter, two megadeals were announced namely, Johnson & Johnson’s $16.6B acquisition of Abiomed in November and Amgen’s $28B acquisition of Horizon in December that boosted the overall deal size. Read on to learn about the top 10 most impactful M&A deals pertaining to the Healthcare and Life Sciences.

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