Play To Win Case Study


The client is a US based pharmaceutical company, focusing on research and development in targeted therapies. The company’s leadership team aspired to become a leader in the Middle East targeted therapy market, improving patient outcomes by developing tailored treatments for specific conditions.

Project Brief/ Ask:

The client wanted to establish the leading market position in a specific therapeutic area by expanding the market share in the Middle East targeted therapy market within the next five years.

 Overall Solution:

The client wanted to stay relevant in the market and assess the current Middle East market landscape. We helped the client by providing comprehensive strategy that aligns the organization’s efforts and resources towards achieving their goal in targeted therapy space.

Healthark’s Role

We devised a step-by-step approach to navigate the business environment and make informed decision aligning with the client’s objectives.

  1. Defined Winning Aspirations: Become the leading player in targeted therapy (attain a 20% market share in specific therapeutic areas within five years)
  2. Assessed the Playing Field: After thorough analysis, we identified two potential playing fields: oncology and rare diseases. These fields align with our client’s capabilities and growth opportunities for their FDA- and EMA-approved drugs
  3. How to Win: For oncology, we decided to focus on developing targeted therapies that address specific genetic mutations. In rare diseases, the client opted for a collaborative approach, partnering with patient advocacy groups and local players, while also tapping support from country governments
  4. Built Core Capabilities and Resources: Our proposal revolved around increasingly investing in genomic research capabilities for oncology and establishing cross-functional teams for rare disease studies, emphasizing agility and interdisciplinary collaboration
  5. Deployed Winning Moves: We developed a detailed action plan for each therapeutic area, outlining key milestones, marketing strategies, and resource allocation backed by favourable regulatory aspects. Assessments on regular basis ensures alignment with the overall strategy


Through the application of the “Play to Win” framework, our client successfully entered the oncology and rare disease market in the Middle East. They continue to achieve notable advancements in targeted therapies, accelerating regulatory approvals and achieving defined milestones altogether. The company’s strategic approach enhanced its reputation as an industry leader in the targeted therapy market.