What is the structure of the healthcare system in Sri Lanka? Why is it one of the preferred destinations for conducting clinical studies? How is Sri Lanka contributing to RWE programs? What is the degree to which digitization of clinical data is achieved & what are the challenges faced in adopting the RWE way of research?

In this 12th Episode of the Healthcare Innovation Podcast Series by Healthark Insights, Dr. Purav Gandhi invites Dr. Namal Wijesinghe. He is the Head of Clinical Operations at Remedium One, a Srilankan Clinical Research firm. In this series, he shares his insights on clinical studies and the RWE landscape in the country and provides answers to these questions.

Opening by sharing his long-standing clinical research experience, Dr. Namal said “It has been a surreal experience, even challenging at times in terms of providing good clinical data to the world for changing the guidelines of current patient management”. He spoke about the Sri Lankan healthcare system at length. He discussed how Remedium one is able to facilitate most kinds of clinical trials in Sri Lanka through a wide network of tertiary-care hospitals around the country. Dr. Namal emphasized how the use of ONE GLANCE, a digital platform to maintain Electronic Health Records of the patients has contributed in better clinical management, patient outcomes as well as improved hospital planning.

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