13 year old Jazz’s world changed overnight when she was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes. Having T1D at a young age is difficult, apart from insulin, there are a lot of questions that the patient has to which there are no easy answers. Instead of resigning to fate, she decided to do something about it and founded Diabesties – a movement dedicated to help people suffering from Type I Diabetes.

Diabesties is founded with the aim to make those with Type I diabetes feel heard, supported, understood, and celebrated through advocacy, access, education, and support.

This episode of Health Innovation Podcast by Healthark Insights features an engaging and educative conversation between Dr. Purav Gandhi and Jazz Sethi, the founder & director of Diabesties Foundation on how Jazz converted a personal challenge into an opportunity to help fellow humans.

Jazz discusses the current state of management of Type I Diabetes in India, dispelling the myths around the disease, how Diabesties started, and various activities undertaken by the foundation.

She also answers questions like the state of patient support programs in India, the challenges of running an organization like this and efforts made to help overcome the issues, the role of digitization in scaling up the operations.

To put it in Jazz’s words, “It’s all about collaboration over confrontation and believing in better together. It’s about finding and aligning with the right people who believe in your mission & then proving your worth that the mission can actually become a reality”.

We are sure this podcast would inspire many others who are operating in this space to take their efforts and mission to the next level.

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