In this Episode, Bhargav Sri Prakash, CEO & Founder, FriendsLearn and the patent holder for “process and system for development of digital vaccines” discusses at length about his patented innovation, and the digital vaccines developed by his company FriendsLearn through a decade of extensive research. He talks about how digital vaccines will shape the preventive healthcare space in the coming times.

Digital vaccines are evidence-based prevention approaches that use digital technologies (applications delivered via smartphones, tablets, VR devices, etc.) for nudging positive human behavior via neurocognitive training. They are gamified, digital interventions that draw from principles of neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, persuasive computing, and behavioral economics to provide safe and low-risk mechanisms for dynamic neuro-behavioral physiological modulation.

Digital vaccines can disrupt the way many metabolic disorders like diabetes, hypertension, etc. are managed, especially from a preventive standpoint. They would even have the potential to help prevent chronic diseases like cancer and mental disorders as well as infectious diseases like Covid-19. We are sure this podcast would provide food for thought to other innovators in the health-tech space, working to improve disease prevention and management using technology.

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